ANATOMY OF DANCE  with two performances  I am a Dialogue (chor. Elina Breice), The Messenger (chor. Sintija Silina) is taking par in International contemporary dance festival TIME TO DANCE 2009 in Daile’s theatre, Riga

TIME TO DANCE (LAIKS DEJOT) is an expression meaning different contemporary dance events since 1998. Its is co-organized by the Latvian Professional Contemporary  Dance Choreographers Association and the Olga Zitluhina Dance Company.
An annua event in June since 2005, Internacional Contemporary dance Festival TIME TO DANCE invites everybody to spend five exciting days attending the performances and taking part in workshops. Each evening of the festival is devoted to one of the specific dance groups including Latvian Contemporary Dance Stage which provides a forum for Latviam dance companies, as well as young choreographers from the Latvian Academy of Culture and visiting foreign dance artists. Each year, the festival chooses a specific theme, and this year the Russian contemporary dance is meant to be important accent in the festival.



More information: www.dance.lv