ruuning(work in progress)     


In collaboration with video artist Peteris Brinins (

This collaboration still in progress was meant to be a several layer performance, projecting previous filmed action on real live version. Although it’s not completely finished because of the several reasons, still this is very valuable draft to be aware of being into the real environment, facing real people and dealing with real situations on the spot. It is supposed that the audience walk down the street or other long area (depends how long is the specific space of particular place, town, city etc.) in the late evening or night. Behind them the car is slowly driven with the videoprojector which projects the same filmed street in the daylight time. Video shows the same place only in different time – also with dance performers participating in a day action aswell as in live. Projection goes 1 to 1 with real space. Dancers are active and open also in the live evening performance – trying to copy themselves in projection either opposite – playing around with the place and time and themselves – running out of the light and projection or staying in. The main idea is to show the different time possibilities of one place.

Concept, video: Peteris Brinins
Performance: Liga Liberte, Vita Bekmane, Monta Vandere, Sintija Silina
Location: street or other local area, which can be distant
Duration: the length of the performance depends (mainly from the chosen space)


YouTube Preview Image