a story about a person who carried the lost message

You have exactly this moment to make sure I am fake. You may see what you whant to see. In spite of- please hear my confession: what was the message?
The choreography based on historical event about Joan of Arc kown as Maiden of Orleans- catholic saint and French national hero life in the 15th century France. With unshakeble conviction as being godsent, she lead The French army in decisive battles during the end of Hundred year’s war against the English conquerors (later takeing her captive, being sold to English and at the end condemn to death- burning as witch).

Battle of dance, interview or sitting of the court, sands or ashes, illusion or message, accuser or defender, rock concert of public death penalty, sword or stake. Doubt about doubts.

Choreography, concept: Sintija Silina
Performance: Sintija Silina, Agnese Bordjukova
Photo: Inese Kalnina
Duration: 15 min
Premiere: 6/06/2009
08/12/2009 International Art-Forum “Alter Ego 2009″ (Sofia, Bulgaria)
20/11/2009 ANATOMY OF DANCE (United Intimacy  Theatre, Getrudes 101, Riga)
13/11/2009 ANATOMY OF DANCE (United Intimacy Theatre, Getrudes 101, Riga)
06/06/2009 Contemporary dance festival “Time to Dance 2009″ (Dailes theatre, Riga)
14/03/2009 Latvian Theatre showcase (Dirty Deal, Riga)




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