I am a dialogue. My body is a tragedy and comedy all in once: the leg is stumbling the other leg, the teeth is laughing about timid hump on my back. The tongue blunder out everything that she shouldn’t tell, but heart is grinding her teeth in resent. It is even incredible that I am the whole theatre stage. Body is a denotation of a genre. Take a look at your legs, how they love the rhythm. And winkling of the eyes is like a censorship. Your eyes is round like a rondoEverything resounds.

 /Imants Ziedonis/

Choreography: Elina Breice & dancers
Performance: Agnese Bordjukova, Monta Vandere
Photo: Inese Kalnina
Duration: 35 min
Premiere: 06/06/2009 contemporary dance festival “Time to Dance” 2009, Dailes theatre, Riga
08/12/2009 International Art-Forum “Alter Ego 2009″ (Sofia, Bulgaria)
20/11/2009 ANATOMY OF DANCE (United Intimacy Theatre, Getrudes 101, Riga)
13/11/2009 ANATOMY OF DANCE (United Intimacy Theatre, Getrudes 101, Riga)
06/06/2009 Contemporary dance festival “Time to Dance 2009″ (Dailes theatre, Riga)
14/03/2009 Latvian Theatre showcase (Dirty Deal, Riga)




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