The story is about time we spend together with each other…

HOW CLOSE? shows scenes from different kinds of memories, which reflect
how two people can be together when the time is already long-term and the
space – permanent.

Does living with someone mean living together? Are we able to keep intimacy
in long-term relationship? What is the thing that connects us? Are “we” only
“we” – and where am “I”? How does it feel when we think about the time we
spend together?

The performance consists of scenes from two people memories about time they
lived together. These memories will be from time when they were really close
till time they were strangers – from truthful memories till reproduced
imagination, from losing yourself till finding new you, from flood of emotions
till identification of human values.

Creative team:
Anatomy of Dance
Choreographer: Elīna Gaitjukevica
Dancers: Evita Birule and Edgars Šļakota
Stage and costume designer: Uģis Bērziņš
Lighting designer: Jūlija Bondarenko and Matīss Beķers
Production: Anatomy of Dance
Co-production: Gertrude Street Theatre
Executed producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane
Premiere: October 30, 2013 (Gertrude Street Theatre )

Video: YouTube Preview Image