Wilderness dance is a unique residency project within the frame of Nordic-Baltic dance platform kedja 2012-2015 activities. It will involve some 50 dance artists from the region and offer them a platform to explore, engage, create and present work in close proximity to wild nature and local residents. Read about the Wilderness residency places and artists on


Last year “Anatomy of dance” participated in art forum which was focused on Urban art, including dance. The task was to create a performance which can characterize one specific place. We decided to go into this place and search for some true stories which can be basis for this creation. We experienced how solid for art can be people surrounding us. Simple human beings, who live their everyday life, do their work, have their stories, interests, vision of life etc. The fact is that everyone of us can be character of some artistic event. Uniqueness, integrity and honesty are the factors why it’s interesting for us as an artists to search for people who can tell, who can share, who dear to offer their parts of life to became visible.

During the Wilderness project we want to create our vision about people living in these particular places where we are going to work. We want to get in contact with local people, to search for some stories which inspire us. To create a performance from everything which affects us.

Our starting theme will be dance. We will try to find out what is dance for locals, what meaning dance has in their lives, society? What are their personal relationships or feelings about dance? Throughout this process we can discover much more interesting which we don’t know yet but is worth to be shown.

During both residencies we are going to create a choreographic material and document all the experience on the video. In the end of our research we will make a piece where video and live process becomes one united work.


Latest ANATOMY OF DANCE performance 3/4 WATER

16 and 17 January
at 19:00

in Gertrudes street theatre

3/4 ūdens